Car Audio Installation Prices

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Installation includes :

(any make or model vehicle, after market or factory)

  • Hid Kits
  • CD/DVD Players
  • Amplifiers
  • Sub woofers
  • Speaker replacement
  • Satellite radio (XM,Sirius)
  • Amplified FM modulator installation for aux connection on any factory radio
  • iPod integration
  • 12v computers
  • GPS Tracking devices (such as Lojack, Passtime, etc.)
  • Retro fit up to date audio equipment in older, or antique vehicles
  • Customized audio/video systems
  • Alarms
  • Trailer wiring
  • After market car parts such as fog lights, headlights, tail lights, etc.
  • Performance parts such as computer chips, open air intakes, etc.

Below we have included a list of basic hardware and installation prices for automotive services.

Basic installation prices

(Hardware not included)

  • Basic in dash receiver (CD/Aux/USB/AM/FM) installation $49.95.
  • Basic in dash DVD (Double DIN or Single DIN Flip out) with Navigation installation $74.95.
  • Basic aftermarket amplifier (specific amp wiring kit not included) installation ranges between $99.95 - $149.95 (Depending on vehicle).
  • Basic aftermarket speakers (coaxial, or components) installation ranges between $99.95 – $124.95 for one pair and between $149.95 - $224.95 for two pairs (Depending on vehicle. Price does not include any major fabrication.
  • Basic Sub-woofer with enclosure installation ranges between $49.95-$74.95 (Price does not include any major fabrication).
  • Wired in amplified FM modulator installed for auxiliary connection (Such as iPod, MP3 player, Satellite Radio) $74.95.
  • Satellite radio (XM, Sirius external car kits) installation $64.95 (Using the built-in FM transmitter, or OEM Aux connection).
  • iPod integration kits installed to OEM radio $74.95.

Basic hardware prices

(Installation not included.)

  • Basic integration hardware (which consists of a Dash kit, Wire Harness, and sometimes an Antenna adapter) ranges between $39.95 - $79.95 (Depending on vehicle)
  • Basic FM modulator $84.95. Amplified FM modulator $124.95 .(Includes one 3.5mm cable for plug and play.)
  • Amplifier wiring kits range in price depending on the grade and gauge wire you will need.
  • All kits include power wire with an in line fuse, ground wire, remote wire and one pair of RCA signal cables $49.95 -$199.95. Capacitors range in price as well. Your installer will provide a price for this if recommended for your audio system.
  • Aftermarket coaxial speakers, component speakers and sub-woofers have a broad range of prices depending on the brand and grade.

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